Know Your Rights

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UC-AFT’s contract provides protections and benefits to all UC teaching faculty. Whether you teach part-time or full-time, year round or one quarter at a time, you should Know Your Rights as a Lecturer. And, if you haven’t already, you should join your colleagues and become a member of UC-AFT today.


All UC teaching faculty have a right to:

  1. Equitable Working Conditions

    1. Office Space - and other instructional necessities, such as a computer, mailbox, photocopier, lab equipment, and office supplies.

    2. Mentoring - constructive feedback from your department chair.

    3. Grievance Process - recourse when your department denies you fair treatment or violates your rights.

  2. Compensation and Benefits

    1. Regular Raises - After 6 semesters/9 quarters of teaching, after your Excellence Review, and every three years thereafter. 

    2. Parental Leave - For birth, non-birth, and adoptive parents. 

    3. Health and Retirement Benefits - on par with tenure track faculty. If your appointment percentage is greater than 44%, you probably qualify for coverage.  

  3. Career Opportunities

    1. Continuing Appointees - After 12 semesters/18 quarters of teaching your Excellence Review could lead to a Continuing Appointment: ongoing employment without having to reapply for your own job. 

    2. Reappointment Consideration - Prior to your Excellence Review, you have the right to be considered for reappointment. Departments are prohibited from imposing arbitrary time limits that lead to forced turnover.  Nobody should be kicked out of their job -- or expected to go away -- after a certain number of predetermined years. 

    3. Professional Development Funds - UC-AFT has awarded more than $5 million in PDF grants on campus across the state. Apply on your campus 


Our contract expired on January 31, 2020.  When the contract expired, we entered a period called “status quo”, which means the University cannot implement any changes to policy working conditions that would normally be allowed via the management rights clause in the MOU.  If your department has changed anything with respect to your working conditions since January 31, 2020, it is likely that they have an obligation to notify and negotiate with our union over these changes.  Failure to notify and negotiate with our union is an unfair labor practice. If you need help, contact your campus rep now.


DIGNITY, RESPECT, AND SUPPORT - Our union’s members stand together to increase for educational equity. Join our fight for a better UC for our colleagues, our students, and ourselves.  Learn more about our contract at: